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Ineratec e-fuels
for sustainable mobility.

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The first industrial Power-to-Liquid pioneer plant in the world,
producing up to 3500 t/a of INERATEC e-Fuels.

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The INERATEC pioneer plant at the Industriepark HöchsT site Frankfurt (Main) will produce INERATEC e-fuels and e-Chemicals from biogenic CO2 and green hydrogen. It will be the first plant of its kind to be operated commercially: The products will be industrially distributed and marketed.

The Power-to-Liquid Process

The illustration shows the Power-to-Liquid concept that will be used in the INERATEC plant in the Frankfurt-Höchst Industrial Park. Renewable grid electricity will be converted into hydrogen (H2) via electrolysis. CO2 from biogas is combined with H2 to produce INERATEC e-Fuels, namely diesel, gasoline, e-kerosene and waxes. With this pioneer plant INERATEC is taking an important and necessary step towards a more sustainable future. Learn more about the Power-to-Liquid process.

The installation of the Power-to-Liquid pioneer plant will comprise the capacity of 10MW electricity input.
The industrial Power-to-Liquid pioneer plant will Recycle 10,000 tons of CO2 per year!
the pioneer plant will produce 4.6 Million  liters of INERATEC e-fuel per year From Green hydrogen and CO2.

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