Construction start for pioneer e-fuel plant

Karlsruhe, 28/04/2022 – INERATEC will commission the world’s largest power-to-liquid plant for producing synthetic fuels and chemicals from biogenic CO2 and renewable hydrogen at the Industriepark Höchst site in 2023.

Construction of the plant modules at the production site in Karlsruhe began as early as this month, and delivery and installation at the site are planned for the end of 2022.

With this plant, INERATEC is positioning itself as a pioneer in the power-to-liquid sector and will provide up to 3500 tons of sustainable products per year when regular operations start in 2023 – which in turn will replace 3500 tons of fossil-based fuels and chemicals. The synthetic fuel blend will be upgraded to e-kerosene for aviation, e-diesel for marine and automotive fuels. With this plant, INERATEC is making a direct contribution to climate protection.

Key Facts:

> World’s largest power-to-liquid plant
> Investment > € 30 M
> Production capacity up to 3500 T/a (liters 4,35 M)
> Recycling of up to 10.000 CO2 per year

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Press contact:

Isabel Fisch
+49 1621852663