Fuel for climate-neutral aviation

Air traffic is peaking right now. The amount of energy required for aviation is huge. At the moment, it’s not fueled by sustainable sources and emits large amounts of greenhouse gases, with negative consequences for our climate. INERATEC has partnered up in the project PowerFuel with companies from science and economy to develop a climate-neutral fuel for aviation, maritime and heavy traffic.

The fuel is made from carbon dioxide and renewable energy. CO2 is taken from surrounding air by a Direct-Air-Capture-Plant, provided by Climeworks. Hydrogen is obtained with the electrolysis unit by Siemens. In a Power-to-Liquid plant by INERATEC, the source materials are first converted into synthetic gas and then transformed into 200-300 liters of fuel per day. INERATEC’s compact plants enable the saving of renewable energy and the economical production of nearly climate neutral fuel. As the energy supply from sustainable sources such as wind or solar power is fluctuating, the usage of the plants is decentralized for optimal reaction to the fluctuation. The German Aerospace Center and Aviation Fuel Project Consulting test the quality and usability of the fuel for the different transport sectors.

An analysis of the energy system as well as the traffic launch is done by Siemens, Bauhaus Luftfahrt and the TU Hamburg.

Further information can be found here.