Gas-to-Liquid Projects

INERATEC is actively involved in numerous EU funded projects aimed at researching and optimizing the gas to liquid (GtL) process. While the power-to-liquid process works with renewable electricity and CO2 as sources, the GtL process enables the direct production of liquid fuels and chemicals from synthetic or biogenic gas sources.

For example, biomass from wood gasification is purified by the partner VTT and fed into IC’s FT-reactor, where the gas is predominately converted into synthetic waxes. The various projects aim for different optimizations of the process that are made possible, among other aspects, by INERATECs microstructured chemical reactors.

Big achievements are the long-term stability of the conversion processes (result from COMSYN) as well as their flexibility to handle changing loads due to the availability of renewable energy (FlexChx) or synthesis gas. Two projects are focused on optimizing a specific product yield, like synthetic kerosene in Kerogreen and EN590 conform renewable Diesel in Redifuel.

You can find out more about IC’s GtL technology, current projects and their outcomes in the GtL-Twopager. Download it here:


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