Hannover Messe 2019

For the third year in a row INERATEC participates at the Hannover Messe – this year with two booths: one with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy in hall 02, booth C28 in the sector “Marketplace”, the second with Baden-Wuerttemberg international in hall 27, booth H75. We’re looking forward to inspiring talks – arrange a meeting with our fair organization team! (presse@ineratec.de; +4972186484460)

INERATEC is going to present its innovative chemical reactor technology. The patented reactors have a micro-structured core and their inner surface area resembles the size of a football field. The compactness of the reactors enables a particularly compact plant design. Entire chemical plants can be integrated into standard shipping containers which can be installed at decentralized and remote locations. They can be used for a portfolio of various chemical processes, for instance Power-to-X, Waste/ Biomass-to-X as well as Gas-to-X processes.

Greenhouse gases and renewable electricity are used as raw materials and are converted into synthetic high-quality gases (SNG), climate neutral waxes or fuels.

The latter have a wide range of possible applications: they can fuel individual, heavy-load and air traffic. Special characteristics: during the combustion the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere equals the amount of CO2 which is used in the production of the fuels. Additionally, those fuels stand out due to their clean combustion behaviour: they are free of sulfur and aromatic compounds.

Particularly for the future of aviation, climate neutral fuels will play a significant role in hitting the international climate goals. In the joint project “PowerFuel”, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, INERATEC and partners produce e-kerosene® and prepare the market entry for a sustainable jet fuel. CO2 and renewable hydrogen are obtained at site: carbon dioxide is filtered from the air and hydrogen is obtained via the electrolysis of solar power. In a Power-to-Liquid plant by INERATEC, the fuel is converted into the final product.

In Switzerland, INERATEC builds the first industrial scale Power-to-X plant worldwide together with the partners Energiedienst Holding and Audi AG. In the near future, Power-to-X-containers will be implemented next to one of the oldest water power plants on the Swiss side of the River Rhine in Laufenburg. Hydrogen is obtained via electrolysis of water. In combination with CO2 the hydrogen is converted into fluid fuels in the Power-to-Liquid plant by INERATEC. The final product is climate-neutral.

By that, INERATEC amends the worldwide biggest industrial fair with an innovative, sustainable solution for the energy supply and mobility of the future.