INERATEC provides core technology for future bioeconomy

On 09 October 2018, the new research facility within the Bioeconomy+ project was officially opened in Finland. This unique project aims to producing hydrocarbons that can be refined into fossil-free kerosene, petrol, diesel and chemicals from industrial CO2 emissions. The synthesis unit converting the supplied CO2 and hydrogen into liquid and solid hydrocarbons for the pilot plant is provided by INERATEC.

The VTT Technical Research Centre and the Finnish company St1 Renewable Engery Ltd. will begin pilot-scale experiments at St1’s biorefinery in Jokioinen, Finland, in October to demonstrate how hydrocarbons can be produced in a climate-friendly way from CO2 from bioethanol production and from hydrogen generated by water electrolysis.

The pilot plant consists of integrated mobile containers: one unit for CO2 processing, another one for hydrogen recovery and a synthesis unit for the conversion of CO2 and hydrogen into liquid and solid hydrocarbons. The latter will be supplied by INERATEC.

The pilot project is part of a two-year project called Bioeconomy+, it will be co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, VTT and a number of partners.


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DIAGRAM: In the Bioeconomy+ demonstration a novel research platform will be utilised, connecting a mobile water electrolysis and multipurpose synthesis unit to an industrial facility operating as a biogenic CO2 supply.