Innovation award of the German gas industry ’18

Foto: Claudius Pflug

At this years Innovationspreises der deutschen Gaswirtschaft INERATEC was awarded in the category start-up. Since the first event in 2000, the category start-up was included for the first time.  Further categories were “reseach and development”, “mobility and traffic”, “efficient energy concepts and “innovative products”. The awards are given every two years by the ASUE (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für sparsamen und umweltbewussten Verbrauch) and was hosted by Anja Karliczek, der federal minister for education and research. INERATEC was awarded for the construction of compact chemical power-to-x and gas-to-x plants. Due to their innovative microstructure reactor technology, the plants fit into a standard shipping container. Hydrogen and methaneous gases can be transformed into synthetic fuels and valuable products – for example carbondioxode-neutral petrol, kerosine or waxes. The products can be used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetical industry. The fluid or form carbon products have a high energy density and thus the potential to play an important role in the energy transition. Our image film can be found at YouTube. All awardees have in common that they provide perspectives for development and research in the sectors of electricity, mobility, chemistry and industry. The head of the jury was prof. Reinhard Schomäcker, TU Berlin who said that the awarded projects and nominees show impressively that the natural gas industry is already working hard to help designing the low-emission energy system of the