Launch of the world’s largest Power-to-Liquid Pilot plant

The first important step into the era of sustainable aviation has been successfully taken!

INERATEC proudly presents what is now the biggest Power-to-Liquid plant for the production of e-kerosene worldwide. It is located in Werlte, Northern Germany. We are more than happy to announce that the innovative pilot plant is getting ready for operation! The yearly production capacity will exceed 350 tons and German Aviation Airlines will be provided the sustainable e-fuels. CO2-neutral e-kerosene is the future for sustainable aviation. We will make e-Fuels available for everyone and contribute our share to climate protection.

“PtL fuels from renewable energies are the key climate-friendly alternative to fossil kerosene in aviation,” said German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze at the opening ceremony.

The customer of this plant is atmosfair gGmbH, an organization that enables travelers to offset their CO2 emissions. INERATEC supplied the innovative synthesis unit that converts CO2 and hydrogen into sustainable synthetic crude oil, which is then refined into e-kerosene. Most of the CO2 required for this process comes from a nearby biogas plant, with a small portion also taken directly from the air (direct air capture). In total, the plant recycles 1000 T/a of CO2. The electricity for the plant is also produced in a renewable and sustainable way.

For INERATEC, the project is another step on the way to a climate-neutral future. In addition to this one, another plant is being planned in Frankfurt Höchst, which will produce up to 3500 T/a of e-fuels. Both plants will focus on producing e-kerosene. Further and significantly larger plants using INERATEC technology will subsequently be built at sweet spots for power-to-X worldwide.

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