P2X: Power to Change

An eventful week now lies behind us: we have welcomed two workshops at INERATEC in Karlsruhe as part of the Kopernikus project P2X.

What can Power-to-X contribute to climate protection? During the “Power-to-Change” workshop we explored our production hall with a group of influencers and students and discussed the usage of synthetic fuels and waxes made of CO2 and hydrogen. The WWF Germany also visited us with the Power-to-X summer lab: We discussed the advantages of the synthetic fuels from our pilot plant, experienced the production of our innovative reactors and visited the first industrial Power-to-Liquid plant.


What does synthetic fuel smell and look like? The difference can be seen with the bare eye. What you can’t see: the freedom from aromatics, sulfur and nitrogen. No soot is produced during combustion, and what’s more, only the CO2 that was previously used – in other words, it is climate-neutral.










From the outside, our reactors look like large metal blocks. On the inside, however, much more is hidden: microstructured plates are milled, stacked and welded in our in-house production. Built into our modular systems, the reactors are used for both the first chemical reaction, the synthesis gas production, and the second reaction to form hydrocarbon chains. These chains of different lengths are used to produce various products such as wax or fuels.