Renewable bio-fuels for aviation

The potential of synthetic fuels isn’t limited to road traffic. In the future it will also be possible to reduce CO2-emissions. Together with the Luleå University of Technology, financed by “Swedish Energy Agency” INERATEC works on the produktion of jet fuel based on the waste of swedish forestry.

The goal is the technical and economical approval and the first test flight with the first swedish bio jet fuel in 2021. Theorie is reduced into practice. This will be a big step to approach the value chain from forestry waste to ready-to-use bio jet fuel. This value chain will be reasearched in the project: waste is transformed into gas. In the next step the gas is transformed into fuel in the Fischer-Tropsch-Synthesis. The maximize the efficiency of the project the transformation of the bio mass is examined: by adding hydrogen (H2), which is produced in the electrolysis of renewable energy double the amount of bio fuels could be made out of the same amount of bio mass.

The concept looks set to become pathbreaking for sustainable air traffic in sweden.