Test Drive with INERATEC e-Fuels

INERATEC #eFuels in action: for the first time, a car with INERATEC e-Diesel made its rounds in Stuttgart, refueled by Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann. As part of Mobility Week, Philipp Engelkamp took part in an event at which e-Fuels were not only presented, but also tested. Made from #CO2 and renewable #hydrogen, our synthetic fuels are climate-neutral. In numerous areas, they make an important contribution with this property to make our mobility renewable and sustainable.

From left to right: Friedrich Haag (FDP), Verkehrsminister BaWü Winfried Hermann, Philipp Engelkamp (INERATEC) und Gösta Jamin (Besitzer des Probefahrzeugs).

During his summer trip 2020, Minister of Transport Hermann already stopped at INERATEC and informed himself about the production of our innovative plants and the manufacturing of the fuels. “The climate protection potential of e-Fuel is our main motivation. We are pleased that we were able to make the use tangible during the joint test drive- from 2022, our e-fuels will indeed be available in blended form at selected filling stations,” says Managing Director Philipp Engelkamp.

To make the sustainable e-fuels available to everyone, INERATEC is planning a power-to-liquid pioneering plant that will produce up to 4.6 million liters of e-fuels annually from up to 10,000 tons of biogenic CO2. E-fuels can then be used in aviation as well as road transport.

Transport Minister Hermann fills up the test vehicle with e-fuels.

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