INERATEC and SASOL join forces

Broadening the range of applicable areas for the Fischer-Tropsch process and extent the sustainable   Power-to-X and Gas-to-X market.
  • Award-winning cleantech company INERATEC utilizes highly-active Fischer-Tropsch catalyst from Sasol, global leader in gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology
  • INERATEC provides modular chemical plants for Power-to-X (PtX) and GtL solutions for production of sustainable fuels and products.

Microstructured reaction surface inside INERATEC’s reactor. (photo: Moritz Leg)

With the innovative chemical reactor technology of INERATEC and the highly efficient Fischer-Tropsch catalysts from Sasol, INERATEC has managed to broaden the range of applicable areas for the Fischer-Tropsch process and extents the international Power-to-X and Gas-to-X market, making it more sustainable.

INERATEC’s manufacturing concept combines serial production and a numbering-up approach to deliver cost-efficient technology. Greenhouse gases can be recycled and a fast market ramp-up of renewable chemical products and fuels for a sustainable future is possible.

Tim Boeltken: “We are delighted to announce that we use Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch catalyst, which allows INERATEC to offer customers the latest Fischer-Tropsch solutions.”

INERATEC is an award-winning clean tech company that provides modular chemical plants for Power-to-X and Gas-to-Liquid solutions for the production of sustainable fuels and products. The modular chemical plants are equipped with sub-millimeter structured chemical reactors. Strongly endothermic and exothermic chemical processes are intensified, due to enhanced heat and mass transfer. Thus, highly active catalyst systems can be utilized. The chemical plants are highly load-flexible and especially suitable for converting renewable hydrogen, produced for instance from solar, wind, or hydropower into storable hydrocarbons with high energy density.

Sasol is a global integrated chemicals and energy company. We harness our knowledge and experience to integrate sophisticated technologies and processes into our world-scale operating facilities. We safely and sustainably source, produce and market a range of high-value product streams in 31 countries, creating superior value for our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

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